Will Party Planet become another Eggy Go in Web3?


Eggy Go went viral during the Early 2023 via live streaming platforms. The number of daily active users was over 30 million and the single-month turnover of Eggy Go on the IOS device in March reached 1.8 billion yuan, which had exceeded Genshin Impact.

My kid and all of his classmates were addicted to playing Eggy Go, which made me wonder why they’re so into it. He bet with me that if his test result reaches the demands, I should play the game with him. Finally he won and I started to play Eggy Go. Unexpectedly, I’m completely absorbed by the game! The several factors that Eggy Go can hit a success are summarized as follow:

1. Imitating the easy-to-play gameplay of Fall Guys, which with relaxing social property.

2. The adorable painting style, cheerful music and sweet voice are strikingly attractive to millennials and most of them are addicted to the game at the first time they played.

3. UGC map production is very grounded. It’s said that there are millions of creators in the game and the average number of new maps is more than 100,000.

4. Taking advantage of the community to heat the game up and the game influencers to make commerce on live-streaming platforms.

Come to think of it, Eggy Go’s sociability, UGC and community-driven approaches are exactly in line with the features of WEB3 games! Is there a WEB3 game like Eggy Go? After a period of research with my pals, we discovered that there are two WEB3 blockchain games like Eggy Go, which are named Puffverse and Party Planet.

Puffverse has been hot in the past few months and its recent fund-raising round has made good progress. Its gameplay is basically the same as Eggy Go. Although its delicateness and playability lose a little ground to Eggy Go, it should be a WEB3 hit game if its UGC function can reach 70% of the Eggy Go. There are a bunch of basic introductions of Puffverse online and you could search for them yourselves. Today we mainly introduce Party Planet, a recently-launched and relatively-niche WEB3 party game with sociability. It’s an easy-to-play game and the gameplay is more abundant than Eggy Go.

1.How to start?

There are some basic links of Party Planet:


Telegram (English): https://t.me/Skytopia Community

Telegram (Chinese): https://t.me/SkytopiaCN

Its website is named Skytopia, which may be the name of the gaming platform. Party Planet is the first game series produced by the Skytopia platform. When I opened the official website for the first time, I was deeply attracted by its exquisite cartoon style and believe that the game was created by a WEB2 gaming team with some prior knowledge of design.

But why not design several entries on the top of the official website? I scrolled down for a long time to find the Go to Play to download the game pack. After downloading, the login window with email and password will appear. Then I returned to the top right corner of the official website and saw a CMP logo there. I checked that it was a public chain named EVM.

WEB3 users click directly on the “connect wallet” on the right of “CMP” and link to the official website with MetaMask. (Check here to set up a CMP network in MetaMask: https://medium.com/@SkylandNFTs/how-to-add-cmp-network-to-metamask-wallet-15369a41c668 ) Follow the steps to set up your mailbox and password and enter Party Planet by using the mailbox and password on the login page.

When writing this article, I was going to complain about the next two points: First, most PC games are for game enthusiasts, and why not play this easy small game directly with the web cloud gaming? Besides, users have to download the installation package and I think it could be further optimized. Second, users are required to register by linking their wallets and I believe that WEB2 users will be blocked from entering in WEB3. Why not allow users to register by mailbox directly and they can choose to bind their wallets when it’s necessary?

Then I found that the second one was fixed. Party Planet was updated on July 3 and WEB2 users are allowed to log in through third parties (Twitter/Google Email/Facebook), and users can login in the game directly by using their mailbox. At the same time the in-game store, where users can buy Tickets and SR Skins, also launched in Party Planet. It appears that the project side has been improving the product.

Well, let me hold back the other complaints and play the game first.

2.How to play?

As soon as you enter the game, you will see this interface. If you don’t have SR NFTs, you can click “Free Play” on the bottom right of the game interface and then one game will appear randomly. Currently there should be 6 games in Party Planet and the project side will release a new game every 1-2 weeks. I have to say that there is a rat race in WEB3.

Let’s take a look at each of these games.

Game 1: Mushroom Madness

Players will jump on the adjacent wooden stake after the countdown ends to eat mushrooms and gain corresponding points. If they happen to choose the same wooden stake with other players, they will collide and not receive any points. There are three types of mushrooms, and the more beautiful and numerous the mushroom, the more points the player will get.

This game is about strategy between players. Players want to jump on the stake with many mushrooms and this behavior will lead to their collision, so players need to take a gambling in this game. It’s the most difficult one among the 6 games in Party Planet because man’s heart is so unpredictable, and winning streaks of many players have ended in the Mushroom Madness.

Game 2: Football Frenzy

2 players team up and aim to kick the football into the opposing team’s goal, and each successful goal will earn one point for the scoring team. Players can use the X key to dash and steal the ball from their opponents. The game not only requires players’ cooperation with their teammates but also rapid and accurate movements.

Game 3: Candy Chaos

Each player holds plates on their heads, using arrow keys to control the movement to catch candies falling from the sky. Players will earn one point for each candy they catch and lose three points when catching a bomb.

At first I didn’t know the exact location to pick up candies. Then it turns out that all players have to do is to follow the shadow and use the X key on the keyboard to dash forward.

Game 4: Fugitive Finder

The cards will be flipped over in a certain order to show fugitive characters. Players are required to remember the position of the different characters within a limited time. After the officer reveals a portrait of the fugitive, players should find the fugitive card among the 16 cards as soon as possible and then hold it up.

Fugitive Finder is my favorite game at the moment, and it will test your memory and brain power! Sprinting with X key can also knock others away. Hum! How dare you grab with me?

Game 5: Word War

Players should step on the corresponding letters presented on their heads in order and press the Z key to spell the word and see who can spell the most words. It seems that children can play this game to learn English.

Game 6: Arctic Assault

Players are randomly distributed on a hexagonal slippery ice. They can push the opponents away for some distance by using arrow keys and X key.

It is worth mentioning that the slippery ice may cause players themselves to fall into the pool if they weren’t paying attention. Arctic Assault is a great test of the player’s timing and game control.

Each player has three chances of revival. All players need to do is try to live to the end. In addition, ice will continue to shrink over time and the movable range for players is also getting smaller. There is always tension in the game. Whether to survive or fight also tests players’ decision-making ability!

From the current six games in Party Planet, it can be seen that the project team’s engagement in game production is much stronger than those of general blockchain games:

First, the art style is unified in these 6 games. Skytopia is different from many blockchain games, which are completely a hodgepodge of casual games bought from various small studios outside.

Second, compared to the finger-operated gameplay of Eggy Go, Currently these 6 games meet various tastes and the needs of different players. Word War is suitable for parent and child to play; Football Frenzy is about the cooperation between 2 teammates; Mushroom Madness is about strategy; Fugitive Finder is about brain power; Candy Chaos is about the bigger picture and Arctic Attack is about game control. Diverse gameplay highlights the charm of casual games, which can be close to a larger user base with different interests.

Third, there are not too many people in WEB3 currently, so each game is a group of four and it’s easy to match. If these 6 games require 24 participants like Eggy Go, the majority of participants are estimated to be robots.

So from the production precision of casual games, Party Planet is really outstanding in blockchain. The team is worth our praise!

In addition to the Free Play mode described above, you can also click on “Competitive Party”, namely PVP mode, in the interface of Party Planet. But players need 1 ticket to participate in the Competitive Party. (Players could buy 1 ticket by consuming 100 $DPM, the subcoin in Skytopia, which currently can be earned by participating in Free Play, etc.).

The Competitive Party Mode announces the ranking on the leaderboard every Monday morning, with the Top 100 being rewarded with in-game token $DPM and Skytopia’s governance token $FPU.

There is a Season Mode on the top of “Free Play” and “Competitive Party” in the interface. (It’s removed temporarily in the latest version, so players can’t see it in early July.) You can click on it and go inside to pick up stars in the Tasks, and then go to Rewards to claim your rewards, including $DPM and Party Tickets, and even customized skins.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Public Chat Room was launched in the latest version updated on July 3rd. It’s the most important component of casual social games because users are not only here to play competitive games, but also here to socialize with others.

3.Project Background


From the introduction of members in the core team on the official website, the founder of Skytopia is a veteran in blockchain. Cofounders and game producer are professionals in the traditional gaming industry. The game producer, with 20 years’ work experience in gaming, worked in large companies like NetEase and Funplus and handled projects with a turnover of 1 billion.

Two of the core members are majoring in Art and Visual Design. No wonder this game has such great graphics!

B.Media Matrix

Twitter: with a high engagement, the official Twitter has 11o,000 followers (an increase of 50,000 this month) and keeps 2 updates per day or so. The pinning tweet was released on June 20th with more than 2,500 comments. I think there has been an ongoing event that increases engagement.

Discord:With an average engagement, currently there are 33,000 people and 300-500 of them are usually online. The engagement in the English channel is higher than that in the Chinese channel.

Telegram:With an average engagement, currently there are 18,000 people and 2000-3000 of them are usually online. The engagement has started to increase and we see newcomers join the community every day.

Medium: There is a high engagement in Medium. I’m used to observing the Medium of the project side and notice that the projects which are good at promoting themselves always only tweet crazily. Therefore, if there are continuous updates, some regular reports and the like on Medium, I believe that the project team is doing things steadily and has long-term planning. Skytopia’s Medium has been updated since May, 2022 with 1-2 articles coming out per week. Besides, the operating style is somewhat similar to that of Western game teams.

C.Story Background

The game is named Party Planet. From Skytopia’s website, it shows that Party Planet is only the first series of games on the platform followed by four other series of games: Mysterious Village, Cyber Racing Star, Dream Island, The City of Ruins. The cover drawings of each series of games on the official website is exquisite and worth a look.

D.Current Stage

From those chatting in the Skytopia community on Discord, the project should be developed for more than 1 year and started to mint NFT in the second half of last year. There have been two rounds of Free Mint and a total of more than 2,000 releases. You can click on “Go to Marketplace” on the official website and purchase them on Coinswap, the secondary market on CMP public blockchain. The current floor price of NFT is about 10U.

But I don’t understand why such a well-crafted game is going to be on Caduceus (CMP), a little blockchain. The CMP token keeps low prices now and always be on some second-tier leading exchanges. The main trading volume of the token is on Bybit and the current price is 0.03U. Did CMP give Skytopia a big Grant when it was developed? So it’s very understandable that the project has released the message that it is going to deploy to other chains. The magnitude of CMP in the public blockchain could not prop up the game quality of Skytopia.

IV. Economic Model

Finally, it comes to the economic model that I’m most concerned about. I have not found any information about the economic model on the official website and I think it is still being designed and adjusted. So I can only summarize the information I’ve got into a table for your reference based on the public information and its gameplay.

This project is clearly the style of the senior game team in WEB2. The team was concerned about the game quality. NFTs are not on sale but for Freemint and you won’t be played for suckers. Both tokens are currently only consumed or acquired in the game, and haven’t been listed on Dex or Cex. I don’t know when it will be listed, but I think it’s better to wait for an opportune moment in case squandering such a dedicated product developed for almost 2 years.

V. Project Summary

I always believe that in terms of the characteristics of the current users of WEB3 blockchain games, it’s not very suitable to create 3A games in WEB3. When 90% of the users come for money, hoping to certainly know a game in a few hours and when the users want to be the first players, it may be more likely for casual games to become explosive products, even just in the short term.

Eggy Go is the most successful game in WEB2 detonated by millennials’ social communication. Can “Party Planet” developed by Skytopia become the leader of WEB3 social blockchain games?

It appears that the following issues need to be addressed:

  1. Deploy as soon as possible on some public blockchains with a large user base, and it is definitely not appropriate to launch on such a small public blockchain;
  2. Imitate the success path of casual games such as “Goose Goose Duck”, “Among US” and”Eggy Go”, and try to expand popularity through social media influencers?
  3. Now the game is only available for PC, which is too heavy for users to carry with. Will the mobile and web version be launched in the future?
  4. The economic model demands more designs or nesting dolls, and the second layer of social narratives needs to be laid out.
  5. Overall, Party Planet has outperformed 95% of the blockchain games on the market in terms of art style and game smoothness. Looking forward to its performance in WEB3!


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